Tread Carefully

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Tread Carefully

Dec 11, 2020

The justice of those who dream of ruling is often distorted by desire. Learn to survive against a threat of mythical beasts, maniacal rulers, and hostile mercenaries. 



A Pywellian scholar once wrote “forget not that today’s enemy may be thine ally tomorrow”. Wise words indeed, yet the opposite can also be said to be true. As you traverse Pywel, you will find that threats abound in all shapes and sizes. Be it the so-called “just” rulers promoting their own distorted brand of justice built on a foundation of death and bloodshed. Or the hostile forces threatening your lands both from within and from afar, such as a certain Desert-based cult that worships a powerful ancient god.  



If you’re lucky, you might only encounter one of the ferocious mythical beasts that have awakened from their eternal slumber by the wars of humans. Though of course, luck is a matter of perspective in this instance. As you travel through Pywel, be sure of one thing: many dangers await you in the world of Crimson Desert.



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