Mercenaries Wanted

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Mercenaries Wanted

Dec 11, 2020

Not all will be prepared to endure the trials and tribulations unleashed by your enemies. Answer your calling and lead a band of battle-hardened mercenaries against those who seek your downfall.


You won't be able to take on the many threats that exist across the lands alone, but you're in luck, since you'll have a group of your own mercenaries to rely on.



The King of Demeniss, Unifier of Lands, lies in a coma. In the ensuing power vacuum, those who have suffered under his iron rule now seek to exploit his weakness. Some who have felt the oppression of his conquests seek only independence, but others dream of gaining their own absolutist rule. In this time of turmoil, you will not survive against such powerful foes alone. You better assemble a team. 



You must travel the world if you wish to find the most battle-hardened fighters to form your mercenary company, but to earn the trust of such esteemed warriors you must first become one yourself. Every mercenary you meet will have their own story to tell, their own unique reasons for choosing this path. If you wish to shape these warriors into an elite fighting unit and hear those tales, you will need to earn their respect. Only then will they fight under a single banner. Yours!


History is about to be made in the world of Crimson Desert, but it won’t be made alone.



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