The Struggle of All, for All

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The Struggle of All, for All

Dec 11, 2020

A story of all struggling to survive in their own unique ways.


A new generation of weapons has emerged alongside the old: pistols beside swords, cannons beside axes, and even hand-mounted cannons. Furthermore, the advent of the mysterious art of alchemy has allowed some gifted practitioners to imbue these already deadly weapons with additional abilities. Suffice to say, you will never be short of a weapon or two in the world of Crimson Desert. 



With a vast range of weapons and countless customization options, what you wield and how you wield it all depends on the type of warrior you want to be.


But you better be ready soon, for not all is what meets the eye in the world of Crimson Desert. Alongside the heralding of a new age of warfare, tales are also spoken of beings from a distant world, perhaps even a world that exists in a time yet to be.


So, make sure you’re well armed for the journey ahead. 



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